Newt Gingrich cuts staff, vocuses on GOP convention, report says

Gingrich is severely trailing Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum as the campaign continues.

GOP presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is letting one-third of his paid campaign staff go and severely cutting back on his campaign schedule, Politico reports.

Politico's Mike Allen reports that saddled with more debt than he has cash-on-hand, Gingrich and his campaign will go forward with what officials are calling a “big-choice convention” strategy.

“We’re focusing exclusively on what it’ll take to win what we’re going to be calling a big-choice convention in August,” DeSantis told Politico in a Tuesday night phone interview.

Allen reports that Gingrich's ex-campaign manager, Michael Krull, was replaced last week.

As of last week's Louisiana primary, Gingrich has earned 135 delegates at this summer's Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., well behind front-runner Mitt Romney (568) and Rick Santorum (273).