Newt Gingrich ends presidential bid

WASHINGTON (AP) - Two advisers to Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich say he will formally end is campaign next Tuesday and will likely to endorse Mitt Romney.

Gingrich had pinned his hopes on a surprise showing in Delaware but fell short.

He had been hinting in recent days that his campaign was nearing an end. His decision to officially shut down the effort comes as Romney has a lock on the GOP nomination.

Gingrich spoke at a civic club in suburban Charlotte, N.C., the morning after Romney swept primary contests in five states.

The candidate's comments came a day after Romney, the presumptive candidate to run against President Barack Obama in November, swept several primaries, including New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Delaware.

Gingrich had heavily campaigned in Delaware, seeking an elusive win. He picked up primary victories in South Carolina and Georgia several months ago, but failed to carry a state since Super Tuesday.