Nats Playoff Demands; The Guardian Angels; Child Poverty; Meat Safety

Today on NewsTalk, Mark Segraves talked about negotiations between DC officials and the Nationals over who and{ }will pay for{ }extended Metro Hours, extra police, and traffic control.

In our second segment we talked about the brutal attack of a 29 year-old-man in Eastern Market. The Guardian Angels are doing their part by{ }increasing patrols in that{ }area.{ }John Ayala is a member of the DC chapter, and spoke with us about thier efforts{ }to prevent crime.

Then, Gwen Rubenstein of DC Action for Children brought to light a disturbing statistic about DC children. 1 out{ }of{ }3 are living in poverty.

And finally, Shirley Rooker tells us about the potential hazards associated with grilling meat. She discusses how marinating meat beforehand can reduce cancer causing carcinogens.{ }

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Monday at 10am: Frank Sesno previews the Republican National Convention