Mitt Romney speaks with ABC7's Scott Thuman

Mitt Romney speaks with ABC7's Scott Thuman. (Photo: WJLA)

The battle is on in Virginia as both presidential candidates make important stops in the commonwealth Thursday.

President Barack Obama held a campaign rally in Virginia Beach and GOP challenger Mitt Romney talked to veterans in Springfield.

ABC7’s senior political reporter Scott Thuman talked one-on-one with Romney Thursday, where the former governor assesses his chances in battleground Virginia.

Scott Thuman: I spoke with a veteran afterward he said he liked the fact that you had a little more 'bite' in you today and he said you sound a lot more like a Marine, he liked that. Do you need more bite?

Mitt Romney: Well, I think this is a really critical time for the country and people want to hear the distinction between the president's path and my path. My path, we maintain our military commitment, we do not cut our military budget.

Thuman: Are you worried about honesty coming forward from the podium?

Romney: Well, no question in a debate as well as in the president's ads I've been a little unhappy with the kinds of things he charges. I'm going to refute those and he might not like what I have to say either. We'll have a good chance to air our differences and people can make their own judgments.

Thuman: He (Obama) seemed to admit the other day that even some of his ads may go over the line a little bit. Do you feel that that's on both sides, has that happened with you at all?

Romney: Oh I think his ads are a form of character assassination.

Thuman: But do you feel that you've ever gone over the line though?

Romney: I think our ads describe precisely what we believe about his policies.

Mitt Romney feels more people are getting to see the real him. So ABC7 asked him to share something very few people know about him.

Romney: I'm not sure I haven't said everything about my life that's available for folks, but I can tell you I love water skiing and I continue to water ski and even though I'm not the best in the family that I used to be, I'm still pretty darn good.

For the full interview, watch the video below.

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