Mitt Romney rallies in Richmond

Republican Mitt Romney roused a crowd of about 3,000 people Friday. Live music, big signs and digital billboards playing a feel-good biography - that was the scene in Richmond.

During the rally, Romney hailed the performance of his running mate Thursday night in his debate with Vice President Joe Biden.

He criticized the Obama administration, accusing Biden of contradicting sworn testimony by State Department officials before a congressional panel investigating the deadly attack last month on the embassy in Libya.

Democrats were also at today's rally. Massachusetts lawmakers who worked with Romney flew down with warnings.

"We've seen this movie before and I find it's ironic that today he's campaigning at a local business that converts wheelchair accessible vehicles,when we tried to work with him as legislators to help our seniors," said Bruce Ayers, (D) Massachusetts State Rep. "What did he do, he cut their services and raised their fees."

The president will closet himself for three days beginning Saturday in Williamsburg to prepare for his rematch debate Tuesday against Romney.