Mitt Romney down in key swing states, polls show

GOP presidential challenger Mitt Romney is constantly talking numbers. After all, it is his forte. The new ones though, present a mathematical challenge.

Look at polls in three key swing states. In Ohio, Romney is down 7. In Florida he is down 5 and in Virginia, our battleground state, Romney is down 5. So how does he turn it around?

Running mate Paul Ryan, who stumped in Harrisonburg Friday, said it might take people understanding exactly who Mitt Romney is.

"It wouldn't hurt if voters knew more about those little things that reveal a man's heart and his character,” Ryan says. “This is a guy who at the height of his successful business turned his entire company into a search and rescue operation the moment he heard that a colleague's young daughter was missing."

And sometimes, few can share, like family. His son, Craig Romney, was in Arlington Friday.

"I think this just a matter of getting the message out there about my dad,” Craig Romney says. “He is the one who's most qualified to tackle the challenges we face right now, particularly the economy."-

Romney admits, personality plays a huge role:

"Beating an incumbent is never easy the president exudes an air of likeability," Romney says.

But team Obama claims there's another reason some Virginians, at least right now, seem skeptical.

"The Romney camp is behind in the polls because American voters are seeing that he has nothing to offer,” says Charniele Herring of the Virginia House of Delegates. "He talks about his corporate experience but he's looking at the bottom line of a balance sheet, sure he's made money for himself and investors, but what about the people."