Mimi Alford speaks about affair with JFK

Mimi Alford said she lost her virginity as an intern to President John F. Kennedy.

A new sex scandal surrounds the Kennedy family and involves a former intern who says President John F. Kennedy took her virginity during an 18 month affair.

Mimi Alford said she's coming forward to "unburden herself" and says what is most hurtful after all these years is knowing she wasn't the only one.

She was 19 years old, an intern and a virgin the day she met JFK in the White House swimming pool.

"It really didn't seem unnatural, just because everyone was friendly, and I went back to work afterwards," Alford said.

The brief encounter led to an 18-month affair. Alford chronicles the salacious details of the first time she had sex with JFK in Mrs. Kennedy's bedroom in her new book, "Once Upon a Secret," seduced, she says, by the "playful" president.

She writes:

"Kennedy asked: 'Haven't you done this before?', to which she replied: 'No.' He continued anyway, she says, adding: 'On the ride home, it kept echoing in my head, I'm not a virgin any more.'"

The 69-year-old grandmother said she would do her homework in the limo on the way to have sex with him. They never kissed on the mouth and even in bed, she called him Mr. President.

But she says the intimacy didn't stop with him. Kennedy coerced her into taking care of a friend who looked "tense" during a swim.

This was a challenge to give Dave Powers oral sex.

She writes:

"I don't think the president thought I'd do it, but I'm ashamed to say that I did. The president silently watched."

Alford also wrote that at one point she mistakenly thought she was pregnant. Kennedy set up an appointment with an abortion doctor, even though abortion was illegal at the time.