McAuliffe takes lead over Cuccinelli in VA governor's race

According to the Washington Post, Democrat Terry McAuliffe has taken the lead over Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia's closely-followed race for governor.

McAuliffe leads 47 percent to 39 percent among voters, and the Post is reporting that the shift has come almost exclusively from female voters who prefer McAuliffe.

"Virginians are siding with Terry McAuliffe's mainstream business approach over Ken Cuccinelli's extreme ideological agenda," McAuliffe spokesperson Josh Schwerin said in a statement released by the campaign. "The more voters learn about Ken Cuccinelli's extreme record the more concerned they are. With about 40 days to go about half of Virginians now view Cuccinelli negatively, a sign that his brand of divisive social ideology is simply too far outside the Virginia mainstream."

It was just this pasty May that the candidates were tied among women in{ } Washington Post poll.

"Our campaign feels very good about our position heading into Wednesday’s pivotal Fairfax Chamber of Commerce Debate," Cuccinelli's communications director Richard T. Cullen said in a statement. "This contest has been and remains a close race featuring a significant percentage of undecided voters. It’s important to note that Ken Cuccinelli has a significant enthusiasm advantage and Terry McAuliffe has a history of losing support towards the end as voters learn more about him."

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