McAuliffe, O'Malley, Gray pledge $75 million to new Metro program

(WJLA) - Topic number one for the two governors and the mayor: transportation.

On Wednesday, the three pledged $25 million each from Virginia, D.C., and Maryland, which will go towards what has been dubbed the Metro’s “New Momentum Program,” which specifically calls for the installation of larger, eight-car trains to reduce congestion.

“The rail cars are so full today -- we need these eight-car trains," said McAuliffe.

The three committed to working together on a range of issues. Governor McAuliffe led the talks on transportation while Governor O’Malley led the meeting on environmental issues.

And while D.C., Virginia, and Maryland typically tend to compete for jobs and spending, Governor O’Malley insists these three want to work together to grow their economies:

"Collaboration is the new competition when it comes to creating jobs, spurring innovation, and developing emerging sectors."

With his focus today on transportation, McAuliffe told us he too is frustrated by the latest delays to the Silver Line, but emphasized that safety has to be the top priority.

“If there's anything Virginia can do to move along the process of getting these seven deficient requirements done, we'll do whatever we need to do. But it's important that it be done right and we're not going to accept it obviously until everything is done as the contract called for."