McAuliffe leads Cuccinelli in new Washington Post poll

ARLINGTON, Va.(WJLA) - Whether it’s a former president like Bill Clinton campaigning for McAuliffe, or a well-known senator like Rand Paul backing Cuccinelli, both sides are ramping up the action and energy leading into election day.

However, Terry McAuliffe appears to be building on his lead and creating some distance, as a new Washington Post poll shows him up 51-percent to Cucinelli’s 39-percent, while Libertarian Robert Sarvis is at 8-percent.

Perhaps the poll’s most glaring result is McAuliffe’s 24-point lead among women voters, which is up 58-percent to 34-percent.

Criticizing Cuccinelli on both women’s and gay rights has been a staple in McAuliffe ads and speeches.

"He has spent his career on a rigid, ideological agenda -- attacking women's rights, attacking gay Virginians. That's been his history," claims McAuliffe,

But Cuccinelli isn't backing down from the accusations.

"I think they're using a lot of lying, and it's very unfortunate in this race and they're putting millions of dollars behind it and I hope on November 5th people see through all that," says Cuccinelli.