McAuliffe discusses agenda as next VA governor

(WJLA) - Virginia’s next governor loves to talk about jobs, but actually ‘reaching across the aisle’ is a bit tougher.

"I have been burning the phones up since election day, I call every CEO I know asking one question: 'Why is your operation not in Virginia and how do we move you to Virginia?'" he said.

When we bring up that this tactic didn't quite work in Washington, he replied:

"That's right, and I promised from election day I would reach out to Republicans. I did within the first two weeks of being elected."

But Terry McAuliffe will need consensus, especially if he wants to change healthcare for Virginians.

"We can provide healthcare for 400,000 Virginians. We could have begun to do that January 1, it is 100-percent paid for by the federal government, so let's look at it for three years -- if it doesn't work, it doesn't work," he explained.

And when asked whether he will encourage stricter gun laws, McAuliffe said:

"I've gone through background checks...certain people should not own guns -- mental illness, domestic abuse, they shouldn't have guns."

McAuliffe would also like a stricter governor’s mansion to avoid ethics investigations like those looking over his predecessor.

"None of this wining and dining, all of that's gone," he insisted.

In regards to legalizing marijuana, McAuliffe said it was the first time he had been asked about it and that the topic wasn't necessarily at the top of his agenda. But he added:

"I'm willing to look at any proposal, any idea to have a discussion if it'll move the Commonwealth forward."