Maureen McDonnell earned undisclosed $36,000 as charity consultant

The Washington Post reports that Virginia governor Bob McDonnell inaccurately listed his wife Maureen as a trustee of coal company, the Frances G. and James W. McGlothlin Foundation.

Maureen McDonnell was paid $36,000 as a philanthropic consultant for the foundation. But by labeling his wife as a paid trustee on financial forms instead of as a salaried employee, the governor was not required to disclose the exact amount she was paid.

In an interview with the Post, company founder and CEO James McGlothlin said that his foundation never named Maureen McDonnell as a board member.

A spokesperson for governor McDonnell declined to comment to the Post.

Politico's Emily Schultheis says that this news, on top of the ongoing state and federal investigations into McDonnell's dealings with Star Scientific's CEO, Jonnie Williams Sr., who paid for the catering at the McDonnell daughter's wedding, could tarnish the governor's legacy.

"It certainly raises questions about the level to which he's been honest about things that have gone on behind the scenes," she says.

By law, elected Virginia officials must disclose employers that pay their spouses at least $10,00 a year, and also list whether or not their spouses are paid directors or officers of any company.

Lauren Rosenberg of Arlington sees this latest scandal as evidence of a growing problem.

"A lot of time I question whether the people we are electing are really people we can trust," she says.

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