Matt Wuerker, Politico cartoonist, makes history winning a Pulitzer Prize

Politico's Pulitzer-Prize winning Matt Wuerker at work. Photo: ABC7

Politico cartoonist Matt Wuerker made history this week when Politico became one of only two primarily online news services to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Although he lives in Politico's high-tech, modern media world, Matt works as if he's living back in the 1800's--pen and ink on watercolor paper and water colors.

The results, and the Pulitzer speak for themselves.

Matt says his job is where politics and art come together.

Where does Matt Wuerker get his ideas? Often in his dreams.

He tells his wife to let him wake up slowly, so he won't lose the thread.

And then, as he rides his bike to work, the idea begins to percolate.

Then when he comes into the building, he puts it down on paper.

So, congratulations to Matt Wuerker and Politico.