Marion Barry shouldn't be a delegate to DNC, Chuck Thies says

D.C. Councilman Marion Barry is in a new brewing political battle.

It all stems from a movement aimed at preventing Barry from serving as a delegate at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

A vote on who will represent the District will take place at UDC this Saturday.

Barry believes he will be selected as a delegate.

But political commentator Chuck Thies believes Barry's time on the national stage should be over.

"Beating Marion Barry is something that very few people have done at the ballot box," Thies says. "Marion Barry is a ball and chain that connects us to a period of our past that is really something we need to move away from."

Thies, who says he personally likes the former mayor, says Barry's recent tax trouble and his behavior during the last convention in 2008 in Denver should convince voters to keep Barry at home this time.

During the Denver convention Barry was accused of tossing his then-girlfriend out of his hotel room after she refused to perform oral sex.

Barry says, "I'm not going to discuss that nonsense. I had nothing to do with it. I'm not discussing it. Do you understand English? That's not connected to anything today."

And tonight, Councilman Barry described those examples of poor judgment as irrelevant now.

But Thies believes Barry should not be the face of the District's future.

"The people who live here, in particular Democrats, they need to be represented in a manner that reflects well on the city," Thies says.