Lt.. Gov. Anthony Brown in the lead, according to polls

(WJLA) - With the primary election now just days away, Lt. Governor Anthony Brown is urging his campaign volunteers to keep making calls:

“My message today and for next five is get out and vote."

Despite an uptick in early voting, turnout at the polls next Tuesday is expected to be low, so each of the three Democratic candidates is doing old-fashioned, meet-and-greet campaigning.

Attorney General Doug Gansler is working small businesses in Hyattsville, while Delegate Heather Mizeur is meeting with moms in Takoma Park to talk education.

“These conversations for me aren't about winning an election -- it's about what we're going to do to govern together."

Each hopes to make an impression on an electorate that has not really been paying too much attention:

"It is beyond time for us to be focused on middle class tax relief, having a living wage, and a universal Pre-K plan for our children," said Mizeur.

"The economy and jobs has really been what's distinguished me from my opponents," said Gansler.

"Good schools not just in one or two counties, but every community in the state...more jobs for more Marylanders," said Brown.

Polls show that the Lt. Governor has a substantial lead over his opponents, but his staffers say they will run as though they are 20 points behind.