D.C. attorney general race: One candidate drops out, four new ones jump in

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - One candidate has dropped out and a handful of new ones have joined the apparent revolving door of a race for D.C.'s first-ever elected attorney general.

Attorneys Lorie Masters, Edward "Smitty" Smith II, and { }Karl Racine, and activist and political consultant Lateefah Williams all announced their candidacies this month.

One of the first candidates to throw his hat in the ring, Mark Tuohey - the lawyer known for his fight to bring a major-league baseball team back to Washington - recently announced he has dropped out of the running, and will throw his support behind Racine.

The new candidates make for what is now a five-way race, joining Paul Zukerberg, who is largely responsible for there being an upcoming election for the position at all.

Zukerberg is the man who took the D.C. City Council to court recently over its decision to delay the city's first election for attorney general.

D.C. residents first voted to make the position an elected one in 2010, with the first election taking place in 2014. The Council later moved to delay the first election until 2018, and won the approval of the Superior Court.

Zukerberg, who had already begun campaigning in 2013, appealed the decision in court, and in June the Court of Appeals overturned the decision to delay the election.

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