Latino groups rally for immigration reform at White House

Gustavo Torres, director, Casa in Action, center, and others, chant during a rally of immigration rights organizations, including Casa in Action and Maryland Dream Act, in front of the White House, Thursday. (AP Photo/Cliff Owen)

After helping President Obama win re-election, Latinos want to make sure he makes immigration reform one of his top priorities.

So, some of them took to the street in front of the White House today, to make sure the president is listening.

"Obama, make good on your promise," they chanted.

"We feel the power," says Gustavo Torres, President of CASA in Action. "Now is the time for us to solve the immmigration issue once and for all."

Veronica Saravia, 17, an undocumented immigrant from El Salvador, worked tirelessly for the passage of the Maryland Dream Act, which voters approved with a strong majority on Tuesday. The law allows her access to in-state tuition and college financial aid.

Now she's at the White House with her grandmother and younger sister. They're ready to join the national battle for immigration reform. She wants it in order to keep her family together.

"My mother is undocumented, I am undocumented," Saravia says. "My sister was born here. And it's just that difference. That's what we want changed. We want to stay together."

President Obama received 70 percent of the Latino vote. Many political experts say that was the difference in a tight presidential race.

And that's a fact that people like Ricardo Campos say they won't let the Obama administration forget.

"My parents are dreamers, my cousins are dreamers," Campos says. "They believe in the American dream. They deserve an opportunity to contribute to this country by legalizing them."