John Edwards denies involvement in N.Y. prostitution ring

Former senator and presidential contender John Edwards adamantly denied Thursday that he was a customer of the New York “Soccer Mom Madam” prostitution ring, according to Politico.

A call girl for the alleged “Millionaire Madam” Anna Gristina told authorities she had sex with a man she believed was John Edwards and was paid, according to the web site At the time, Edwards was supposedly fundraising for his presidential run.

But one of Edwards’ attorneys said the accusations are false.

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“Mr. Edwards categorically denies that he was involved with any prostitute or service. These allegations are false, defamatory, and he puts those who would publish or repeat them on notice that they acting with actual malice by reporting or repeating them,” the lawyer stated, according to Politico.

The Edwards team is asking that the story be retracted.

Tis isn't the first time Edwards has been involved in a sex scandal. Edwards admitted to a 2006 extramarital affair with Rielle Hunter in 2008, and in 2010, he admitted to fathering her child.