Jim Webb leaves Senate as enigmatic but effective lawmaker

Outgoing U.S. Senator Jim Webb of Virginia was one of the more quietly effective statesmen in recent memory, with his accomplishments including pushing through a new GI Bill of Rights in 2008 and spearheading a foreign policy outreach to Southeast Asia.

Now he’s one and done. By choice. Webb decided not to run for a second term and will be succeeded by former Va. Gov. Tim Kaine.

Sunday’s Richmond Times-Dispatch has a fascinating profile of the outgoing senator. Here’s a link to the story: and a brief sampling, per the Times-Dispatch:

“WASHINGTON — Many who come to the nation’s capital as a congressman or senator become so taken with their newfound status and occupation that they do everything they can just to stay in power. The idea of walking away from it all, then, would seem strange to many occupants of higher office.

“Not to Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va. — that rarest of politicians who does not play politics; a war hero, best-selling author, lawyer, Southeast Asia expert and father of six, who didn’t need the job perhaps as much as it needed him.”