Jeffrey Thompson suspected of illegally raising funds for Gray campaign

(WJLA) - D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray did not have much to say prior to a Thursday night forum on a legal deal that if announced prior to the April 1 Democratic primary, could have a major impact on the highly competitive race.

"Well I actually don't know anything about it gentlemen; I guess we could speculate about it but I really don't know anything about it," he said.

The Washington Post is reporting
that federal prosecutors are close to cutting a deal with Jeffrey Thompson. The prominent businessman is suspected of illegally raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in a shadow campaign for Gray during his successful 2010 mayoral bid.

Opponent Jack Evans, who says he has steered clear of discussing this scandal on the campaign trail, concedes that what Thompson has said about the depth of Gray’s involvement in circumventing campaign finance laws could sink – or save – Gray’s re-election chances.

Meanwhile, Gray has insisted repeatedly that he was not aware of this shadow campaign and did nothing wrong. But some of his opponents still say they are eagerly awaiting the results of this investigation.

"I've known for some time...and it's not over," said Muriel Bowser.