Healthcare supporters, opponents square off at Supreme Court

Outside the Supreme Court a huge crowd gathered this morning.

As news of the court's ruling trickled outside, Mike Conneen got immediate reaction from both supporters and opponents.

The debate over healthcare raged on, even after a majority of justices gave President Obama's healthcare overhaul a constitutional stamp of approval.

By 10 a.m. when the ruling was announced, First Street SE was a circus -- with Obamacare supporters in one ring, tea party activists in another.

There were also dozens of reporters, pro-life and pro-choice protesters, even belly dancers.

All morning long, the sidewalk and front steps of the Supreme Court were packed with protesters. And even hours after the ruling came down, both sides continued to debate the issue, passionately arguing their viewpoints.

Opponents now vow to turn their attention to November, promising to make Obama a one-term president, by labeling so-called "Obamacare" as a new tax on Americans who don't want health insurance.

In the meantime, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor says the House will vote July 11 on whether to repeal the law.

Supporters of the law point out no repeal effort is likely to pass through the Democratic-controlled Senate.

As for November, they say they, too, are fired up by this ruling.

Congress passed the Affordable Care act in early 2010 after a monumental struggle in which all Republicans voted against it.

With this 5-to-4 decision, the overhaul of healthcare, still taking effect, can proceed.