Gray campaign manager says mayor won debate

(WJLA) - Some of the viewers who happened to catch the D.C. mayoral debate on Thursday night have pretty strong opinions:

"It was a prime example of how crazy they all are," said one woman.

Debate moderator Bruce DePuyt from News Channel 8 mainly sat back and let the candidates go for it. Mayor Gray was the main focus, as he participated in his first debate since businessman Jeffrey Thompson pleaded guilty to corruption involving Gray’s 2010 campaign.

Two of his opponents – Tommy Wells and Muriel Bowser – went on the attack. However, Jack Evans spared Gray, going after Wells in particular.

But despite the attacks, it appears that some of the candidates are particularly confident.

"They saw her go toe-to-toe with some of the toughest folks in the room and do really well," said campaign manager Bo Shuff of Muriel Bowser.

"We win them in the court of public opinion and we win them on facts and merits," said Chuck Thies of Mayor Gray.