Government Shutdown 2013: Trash overflow managed by Dept. of Public Works

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The cans are filled to the brim and trash is left uncollected because of the partial government shutdown. From the National Mall to federally-owned parks on Capitol Hill, the garbage is piling up.

Late last week, the mayor announced a temporary solution: the District’s Department of Public Works will step in. So, crews were out on Monday to remove the waste that has been building up for days.

There are 372 sites where DPW will do trash pick-up, including Lincoln Park, Stanton Park, and the perimeters of the closed-off National Mall.

Lalla Marquez lives on Capitol Hill, and for days she has been walking her newborn by the overflowing cans.

“It's gross, it piles up, it smells -- especially with the hot days recently.," she says. "It was really gross over the weekend."

Part of the reason the Mayor stepped in is that the unsightly litter would exacerbate the District’s rat problem. Tourists are noticing the trash, which is not only overflowing in cans, but littering the ground as well.

"It doesn't look nice, it's not good for Washington D.C.,says Miriam Panger.