Government shutdown 2013: Trails closed because of National Park Service closure

File photo: Miggs Lives/Flickr

(WJLA) - The ongoing government shutdown has closed facilities, agencies and services throughout Washington and the nation, and it its effects are being felt even on the most local, microscopic scale.

Namely, as WAMU and the Washington Area Bicyclist Association points out, several popular running and biking trails are technically off limits.

The National Park Service administers several hiking and biking trails throughout the greater D.C. Region, and just like the parks, monuments and memorials they oversee, paths such as the Mount Vernon Trail and Capital Crescent Trail are technically closed as well.

In an email sent to members shortly before the shutdown took effect, WABA leaders said that recreation enthusiasts should expect many trails to be inaccessible throughout the shutdown.

WAMU found, though, that several people were openly flouting the purported closure by taking a jog or a ride on the trails.

"Technically I'm going to be breaking the law in a few minutes I guess," Alexandria resident Margie Remmers told WAMU as she set off on the Mount Vernon Trail, which connects Rosslyn to Mount Vernon.