Government shutdown 2013: Navy vs. American University game canceled

There was soccer being played Wednesday at American University, just not the kind that junior soccer player, Kirsten Eriksen was hoping for.

However, due to the government shut-down, this afternoon's game between Navy and AU was shut-out, cancelled.

“You get prepared and pumped up for every game, but there are bigger problems going on and Navy can handle that,” Eriksen added.

After a morning full of uncertainty for AU Women’s Soccer, the team finally found out at noon Wednesday that they were not going to be playing after all.

“Everybody that’s ever played anything knows that for each game you’re prepared to be focused and prepared to play, so it’s tough.” said Dr. Billy Walker, American’s Athletic Director.

Walker is a retired Air Force Brigadier General, and he is hoping this Saturday’s big game between his Alma Mater and the Naval Academy will be played as scheduled, but if not, "they’re going to go into Armed Forces with much greater adversity than a cancelled game. If that’s the worst thing that they have to deal with in their military careers, they’re pretty lucky."