Government shutdown 2013: National Park Service locks toilets at Gravelly Point

The toilets at Gravelly Point will remain locked until the government reopens. Photo: Michael Byrnes

(WJLA) - This part of the shutdown stinks. Literally.

At some point after the government shut down overnight Monday into Tuesday, the National Park Service padlocked, of all things, a group of portable toilets along the George Washington Parkway.

The NPS maintains and runs the George Washington Parkway, part of which is the popular park at Gravelly Point, all of which is technically closed during the shutdown.

On nice days (when the government is open, of course), the area is bustling with runners, bikers, athletes and people watching planes take off and land at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

The closure means, of course, that the NPS wont maintain the area until the government reopens. That includes a small group of portable toilets that lines the nearby Mount Vernon Trail.

On Tuesday, NPS officials say they went ahead and padlocked the toilets. They won't reopen until the government does.

NPS spokesperson Jennifer Mummart said that in the case of the portable toilets at Gravelly Point, maintaining and pumping them out will not happen until appropriations resume.

Therefore, if you're flouting the law and using the Mount Vernon Trail and need to use the bathroom, you should likely keep on moving.