Government shutdown 2013: Local businesses affected by shutdown

RICKVILLE, Md. (WJLA) - It's day three and still no deal.

The shutdown showdown between Democrats and Republicans has frustration climbing to a fever pitch.

The chaos on the hill is already effecting the economics of some local businesses.

Bryan Hill owns B and B Paving in Montgomery County.

He says his small company, which depends on federal workers, is already hurting.

“We generally run 15 to 20 estimates a week in Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Potomac and this week we've had one phone call this week,” he says.

Thursday morning, President Obama talked about all of this. He came here to a Rockville construction company to talk about the impact of the shutdown on small businesses just like Hill’s.

M. Luis Construction is a family run business and over the past few years has grown to 250 employees.

The business has been thriving and is getting ready to open a fourth office.

But Thursday morning Obama said the Republican recklessness could harm that.

Obama says the answer is simple - Congress needs to pass a budget with no partisan strings attached.

But members of the house appear to be looking at funding portions of the government.

Hill hopes soon something will change.