Government Shutdown 2013: Head Start supporters rally on Capitol Hill

Photo: Brianne Carter

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The government shutdown could also impact the Head Start program. So parents, teachers and kids took their fight to Capitol Hill Wednesday morning.

Hundreds of people gathered to call on members of Congress to work together to make decisions that help children. The parents, teachers and educators want democrats and republicans to stop making cuts to the Head Start program. The program provides health and education services to underprivileged kids.

Fifty-seven thousand kids across the country were cut from the program because of sequestration and now thousands of others are in jeopardy of getting cut because of the shutdown.

Tuesday, several programs across the country shut their doors because they didn't get the funding they need. People ABC7 talked to fear that if this shutdown lasts days or weeks, even more kids will have to go without essential things they need.

Congressman McGovern from Worcester Massachusetts apologized for the shutdown, calling it wreckless.