Government Shutdown 2013: Dems reject three separate House bills for short-term funding

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – In yet another late-night fight on Capitol Hill, the House Republicans brought forth three separate bills that would restore at least some of the money stripped from federal agencies.

But the bills to fund the National Park Service, Veterans Affairs, and the District of Columbia, have all failed – unable to garner enough Democratic support.

“It’s pretty unfathomable to me to see Dems voting against veterans, against citizens of Columbia…Why is it you can say, ‘We just aren’t going to support those things?’” asked Republican Rep. Eric Cantor. “This table is empty on the other side. We need the Senate Democrats to come join us."

But Democrats aren’t offering any support, saying this piecemeal method of short-term funding isn’t the way to run the country.

“It's pathetic, it's not responsible, it's beneath the dignity; I keep saying that, but we keep getting further beneath the dignity,” said Nancy Pelosi.

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