GOP Tax Pledge; Sports

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Today on NewsTalk, we talked with Politico's Marty Kady about the the Republican's no-tax pledge and whether the party will remain loyal to it.

We started the segment with a clip from Politico's Playbook Breakfast featuring Grover Norquist.

Then, Jenna Johnson of The Washington Post talked about her interview with University of Maryland President Wallace Loh. She talked to him about{ } the school's recent move to the Big 10 conference.

In our second half hour, Beacon House Founder Rev. Don Robinson joined us{ }ahead of the Falcon's trip to the Pee Wee football national playoffs in Orlando, FL.

And, Comcast SportsNet's Brian Jackson weighed in on the{ }0-12 Wizards and what's needed for the team to start winning games.

WATCH today's show below.

Thursday at 10am: DC Mayor Vincent Gray