GM CEO refuses to meet with crash victims' families while in D.C. for recall hearings

GM CEO Mary Barra. (AP file photo)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) — General Motors CEO Mary Barra will be back before a U.S. Senate subcommittee Thursday answering questions about the company’s widespread recall, but Barra is refusing to meet with families of victims who were killed in fatal car crashes.

ABC News has confirmed through one of the lawyers representing some of the victims of GM crashes that Barra has declined a meeting with victims while in D.C. for Thursday's hearing on the Hide No Harm Act of 2014.

Barra met earlier this year with victims, but says she has no time to do so on this trip.

In light of the recent GM recalls, U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) and Bob Casey (D-Pa.) introduced the act that is the topic of Thursday's hearing.

The bill would make it a crime for a corporate officer to knowingly conceal the fact that a corporate action or product poses a danger of death or serious physical injury to consumers and workers.