Getting Testy & Ready to Rumble

Tis the season, right? The time when we put differences aside and let the holiday spirit outshine our adversarial tendencies? Revel in the glow of tree lights & show good will toward all? Sing joy to the world?

Sadly, these ideals don’t apply inside the beltway.

In today’s edition of TCT, I provide you with a theme of battles. Where world renowned politicians use those stockings hung with care to cover their fists like boxing gloves and start swinging like a couple of heavy weight bruisers a la Tyson vs. Holyfield—the fight Ginger White says Herman Cain took her to during their alleged 13 year affair. Grab some popcorn and let’s get ready to rumble!


This one doesn’t come from the campaign trail but is simply too good to exclude. It began on Wednesday. Sen. John McCain was engaged in a testy fight on the floor over detainee policies and a Supreme Court case in which Sandra Day O’Connor commented about U.S. citizens being held as enemy combatants if found supporting American enemies.

Then the GOP veteran made this joke:

Well, it didn’t sit well with Sen. Chuck Schumer who apparently took offense, Tweeting out:

“All of America saw how heroic Long Islanders were on 9/11#LongIsland deserves an apology.”

Think it’s over? Think again.

McCain returned to the floor with a…well technically, an apology.

To which Schumer Tweeted again:

"NYers can take a joke. But if @SenJohnMcCain wants to mock parts of America, stick to Arizona."

Gotta love it when the long-time lawmakers show the rookies how it’s done.


Gov. Mitt Romney gave a rare sit-down interview with Fox News this week and when asked about perceived flip-flopping on health care, got a little fired up:

Baier says Romney afterward approached him to say the line of questioning was uncalled for and had an overly-aggressive tone, though the cameras weren’t rolling so there’s no way to know if the characterization is fair or fodder for ratings.


Former Gov. Jon Huntsman, still praying GOP voters wake up to see his potential as a qualified Obama opponent, is using that Mitt vs. Bret battle to point out inconsistencies in Romney’s campaign. His team put to use some creative editing it calls “Mittstant Replay” in this brand new ad:
Team Huntsman went on to say in a press release:

"After watching Mitt evade, distort, and eventually blame Bret's questions, it's no wonder he is Scared Mittless of the press. When you are on both sides of every issue, it makes is hard to answer tough questions. More importantly, can Republican voters trust Mitt Romney to beat Barack Obama when he can't even defend his own record?"
- Huntsman campaign spokesman Tim Miller


It wasn’t exactly another ‘excuse-me’ moment from an angry Herman Cain but his spats with the media have no end in sight. He got bent out of shape after a late night arrival in New Hampshire followed by media questions on his “reassessing” of the campaign and how the allegations of an affair are being perceived at home…a place, regardless of any merit these accusations may or may not have, he might want to avoid unless carrying a shield and donning a football helmet for good measure. What’s the saying? Hell hath no fury…