Fox News moves toward the Left, Politico reports

POLITICO reports:

Fox News is taking a turn toward the left and viewers are noticing.

"The grumblers were picking up on a strategy that has been under way for some time — a 'course correction,' as Fox chief Roger Ailes put it last fall — with the network distancing itself from the tea party cheerleading that characterized the first two years of President Barack Obama’s presidency," Politico reported.

Earlier this month, the network hired openly gay liberal activist Sally Kohn as a contributor. That didn't sit well with loyal Fox viewers.

Some observers were also surprised at the way prime time Fox pundit Bill O’Reilly defended Ellen DeGeneres, who is openly gay and sparked controversy when JC Penney chose to hire her as the store’s spokesperson.

The blog What We Should Know says, this isn't news, it's business.

“No business, not even FOX, decides it’s ok to make less money. So move along folks, there is no conspiracy to uncover here. It’s just capitalism at work.”

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