Former D.C. attorney general Peter Nickles weighs in on Bowser's merits as potential mayor

Muriel Bowser won the April 1 Democratic primary in the D.C. mayoral race. (Courtesy Photo)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Days after an election that left some members of the D.C. council in lame-duck mode, many people are left wanting to know more about the winners of the April 1 election.

One of those people is Ward 4 Councilwoman Muriel Bowser, who defeated incumbent Mayor Vincent Gray and others by several points on Tuesday.

Former Washington, general Peter Nickles weighed in on Bowser's merits on Thursday during NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt on NewsChannel 8.

Nickles describes her as an amazing woman of great integrity and an strong education, who serves as a reformer on the council.

"Her election is a breath of fresh air for the district," Nickles said. "Keep in mind over the last three years we've had Harry Thomas, Kwame Brown, Michael Brown, and four or five close associates of Mayor Gray, and the recent indictment and plea bargain of Jeff Thompson - now, that is a soup of corruption."

Nickles said he felt Bowser would make a great mayor - if he were Independent David Catania, he would back her, Nickles said.

Gray and Catania have made the complaint that Bowser "isn't ready," Nickles said.

"Now, what does 'ready' mean? Was Sen. (Barack) Obama 'ready' to run for president?" Nickles said.

"Now keep in mind, even though Mayor Gray was a wounded candidate, she very handedly beat very ready candidates in the two other council members - Wells and Evans - and a number of other leaders in the community," Nickles continued.

Nickles also said Bowser can unify all parties and that she's "a real listener," who leads after listening to the community.

Jamie Rogers contributed to this report.