Fiscal cliff: What do Americans think?

What do Americans think of the job Congress is doing to solve the fiscal cliff crisis? ABC7 asked people to describe Congress is one word, and none were very flattering.

Watching the 112th Congress bicker and dither its way through the fiscal cliff negotiations leaves people like Tom Carter disappointed.

“I’m pretty ashamed of Congress in general,” he says.

It leaves people like Catherine Burke apathetic.

“It seems like a bit of a cycle of nonsense,” she says.

This Congress will go down as the least productive on record and with some of the lowest approval ratings on record. The bottom line, people say, is that members simply are not putting the country first.

That brings us to the next Congress and the next fight across the board: spending cuts the fiscal cliff delays for another two months.

But the thought that the battle will be any different than this one seems laughable.