Fiscal cliff 2013: John Boehner to Harry Reid - 'Go f*** yourself'

Photo: Associated Press

The White House and the halls of Congress have long been a place where devastating rhetoric and harsh words are traded, but according to POLITICO, House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had an even more inflammatory run-in than usual.

During the final days of the fiscal cliff debate, POLITICO reports that during an encounter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., Boehner ran into Reid in the lobby. They crossed paths at a time just after Reid said Boehner was running a dictatorship in the house.

Boehner reportedly fired back with one pointed statement.

"Go f*** yourself," he twice told Reid.

It was not immediately clear when exactly the exchange took place.

The Senate passed legislation averting many of the tax increases and spending cuts defined by the "fiscal cliff" just before the new year. The House passed the same legislation a day later.