Fairfax sheriff campaign signs stolen


Outside Joe’s Place Pizza and Pasta in Vienna, VA, it's a tiny battle ground for a Fairfax County Sheriff.

On this busy stretch of Maple Ave. W., police say Erik Kleiner stole two yard signs supporting Bryan Wolfe, a Republican candidate for Sheriff. Kleiner is the brother of Democratic candidate Capt. Stacey Kincaid.

A Vienna Police Department spokesman says Wolfe filed a complaint with a magistrate. Now, Kleiner faces a misdemeanor and a possible $2500 fine.

Police say Kleiner turned himself in Thursday night and was released shortly.

NewsChannel 8 reached out to both campaigns. Kincaid said in an email “My brother believes that his friend, who owns the property where the signs were, told him it was OK for him to remove the two campaign yard signs that are at issue."

But Wolfe's supporters think the intent was malicious. In an email, spokesman Michael Shannon said: "This has been a constant theme of Kincaid campaign supporters. Bryan's car has been vandalized, along with his front yard, and countless large signs have been destroyed during the course of the campaign."

Kincaid added that the accusation she or any of her supporters was responsible for the vandalism is false.

In a brief phone interview, Wolfe said he repeatedly reached out to Kincaid and her campaign to end the vandalism, but wasn’t able to connect with anyone.

Attempts to reach Kleiner were not successful.