Evan Draim: 17-year-old RNC delegate from Alexandria a hit

Alexandria's Evan Draim in Tampa. CREDIT: AP via Virginian-Pilot

For reporters, covering an event such as this week’s Republican National Convention is – strange as it might sound – not unlike covering the week-long buildup to a Super Bowl.

Cover the main things but also look for off-the-beaten path angles.

Enter Evan Draim, the 17-year-old high school senior from Alexandria who’s the youngest of the 2,000 or so delegates gathered for Mitt Romney’s GOP coronation.

His is a well-chronicled story in these parts but here’s a look at some of things Draim is experiencing this week related to his Tampa appearance.

WTSP in Tampa: “"I think I have a unique perspective and message to bring as a 17-year-old Republican delegate and so I'm trying to make sure that message gets out to as many voters as possible," Draim told 10 News on Monday.”

Washington Examiner: “Draim has his own assistant to manage his schedule. He has an entourage. He's done as many interviews in the past two weeks as some of Mitt Romney's top surrogates, maybe more. This for a kid who can't even vote yet. . .(He) native turns 18 on Sept. 14, meaning he's eligible to vote Nov. 6 and, so, eligible to serve as a delegate this week in Tampa.”

Virginian-Pilot: “He's getting so many interview requests - from international press and domestic outlets - that the national Republican Party is helping manage some of the demand. . . (There’s even) talk of a brief role on the convention main stage this afternoon. He's no novelty act, however. The rising high school senior has been active in GOP politics since middle school, a significant stretch of his young life.”

POLITICO: (Video) “Evan Draim, a 17-year-old high schooler from Virginia, has come to Tampa on a mission: Show that young doesn't have to mean disengaged, or liberal. POLITICO's Alexander Trowbridge profiles the youngest delegate to the Republican National Convention.”

Education Week: “Marta Saltus, an alternate delegate who ran alongside Draim for her spot, acts as his convention mother. She keeps track of his backpack and credentials, makes sure he eats, and that he gets to events on time. Although she lives near Draim and his parents, the two met just last spring during their respective races.”

New Port Richey Patch: “To make sure everyone back at home knows what he’s doing in Tampa, Draim is blogging on sister site Mount Vernon Patch about his daily experiences. You can check out his posts and see the RNC through his eyes by visiting the Mount Vernon Patch site.”

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