Election polling stations prep for Tuesday

There was a certain frenzy all throughout the area Monday. Workers at the thousands of polling stations in D.C., Maryland and Virginia began prepping for the first votes to get cast.

D.C. and Maryland election officials are hoping this year’s early voting will mean fewer lines on Election Day. Prince George’s County alone had 70,000 people cast ballots through early voting. It was a similar story in the District where more than 10-percent of eligible voters have already cast ballots. It was welcomed news for poll workers who remember 2008.

“My last hour I had people who hadn’t voted in twenty years and they came and wanted to register to vote so I figure it’ll be a rough day,” says Mary Farmer Allen, an elections commissioner.

Virginia doesn’t have early voting, but on Monday in Alexandria election officials started sifting through the thousands of absentee ballots. They expect two-hour waits at most Northern Virginia locations Tuesday, but that’s the least of their concern.

“Lord we don’t care who wins the election, just make it a landslide,” says Tom Parkins of the Registrar of Voters. “Dealing with recounts and contested elections, it extends the intensity and the stress for a few more weeks.”