Election 2013 results, how will it impact Election 2016?

WASHINGTON (ABC) - The Virginia election is just one of many that already has big implications for 2016.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie won reelection in a landslide, setting the stage for a possible run for president in 2016. Christie's victory speech went beyond New Jersey and had all the hallmarks of a candidate with national aspirations. He sold his win as a path forward for the Republican Party.

Christie won big. A decisive 20-point victory by a Republican in a Democratic state. He won a majority of women, Latinos, even a third of all Democrats.

In Virginia,it was a closer contest. Terry McAuliffe, a former Democratic fundraiser, party chair and friend of Bill and Hillary Clinton, was elected governor. Virginia was something of a testing ground for Hillary Clinton's machine, which is standing by for a possible White House run. McAuliffe defeated Ken Cuccinelli, a Tea Party-backed conservative.

"The Republican party has two different versions of its future right in front of it and two different paths toward success or possible failure," explained Rick Klein, Political analyst.

Hundreds of cities across the country elected mayors. In New York, an end of an era. Democrat Bill de Blasio, running on a much more liberal agenda than three-term mayor Michael Bloomberg, cruised to victory.

President Obama worked the phones congratulating some of the winners including de Blasio and McAuliffe. One person he did not phone: Governor Chris Christie.