Election 2012: Voters head to polls in Battleground Va.

(Photo: Tom Roussey/WJLA)

After more than a year of campaigning for former Governor Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, it all comes down today. Already this morning precincts from Florida to Maine have been packed, but few are as packed as sites in Virginia.

“I think it’s going to be close, but I’ve got my fingers crossed,” says Marsha Barsky.

This morning Romney was back in his home state of Massachusetts to vote before heading to Ohio and the Pennsylvania for last-minute campaigning.

Vice President Joe Biden was home in Delaware to vote before heading to Chicago to meet up with President Obama, who voted last week.

The latest polls in key battleground states including Ohio, Iowa and Virginia show the President with a slight lead. In Loudoun County, voters know the impact of their votes.

“I think everybody senses that which is why the turnout is so good,” says Tami Cooperman.

In 2008 President Obama won both Loudoun and Prince William counties and he’s hoping for a victory tonight. However, Romney needs a win here as well.

Ben Kolarcik is hoping he wins.

“It’s hard to look at the land scale from four years ago. So much has changed, but it will be interesting to see,” he says.

Liking what she’s seen in his first term, Donna Daniel voted for Obama.

“It’s my first time voting democrat in twenty years,” she says.