Election 2012: The final push

With just hours before polls nationwide open, President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney spent the final day of their campaigns appealing to voters in several states.

Monday night, President Obama went back to where is all began - Des Moines, Iowa, the city where he officially kicked off this campaign. And he was backed by some star power. Bruce Springsteen opened up for him in Iowa, Jay-Z in Ohio. Former President Bill Clinton also made an appearance for Obama in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, at a field office in Chicago, 125 workers have been making 20,000 calls a day to voters in Wisconsin and Iowa, reminding residents to vote and telling them where they precinct is located.

Obama made a couple of calls when he made a surprise stop at a field office in Ohio.

The president will spend tomorrow doing an Election Day tradition - a pick-up game of basketball in Chicago before a series of interviews. He will then wait and watch the returns come in.

While the Obama campaign is wrapping up in the Midwest, Romney's campaign is finishing in New England after spending part of "election eve" in battleground Virginia.

Thousands waited for Romney at his stop in Manchester. What was supposed to be a 10 p.m. rally was pushed back so the candidate could make a last minute trip to Columbus, Ohio. After waiting in the cold and snow, the enthusiastic crowd was warmed up by Kid Rock.

Earlier in the day, Romney held two rallies in Virginia.

Telling Virginia voters they can make the difference, Romney gave one of the final pitches of his presidential campaign at George Mason University Monday night.

Virginia is especially important for Romney. In 2008, Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate to carry Virginia since 1964. Keep an eye on turnout in northern Virginia's Democratic strongholds for an early idea of which way the state will go.

The candidate started the morning in Florida. From there, it was on to Lynchburg, then Fairfax, then the campaign decided to add an airport hangar rally this evening in Columbus.