Election 2012: President Obama, Mitt Romney final campaigning

Just four days until Election Day and the final push is on. The candidates have a packed campaign schedule over the remaining days with stops in all battleground states, including Virginia.

Mitt Romney's closing argument to voters included a warning: if they re-elect Barack Obama, they'll face another government shutdown and a national default. In a speech in Wisconsin that was billed as a summation of his presidential campaign, Romney said he's the only one who can work with Congress to keep that from happening.

Vice President Joe Biden also campaigned in Wisconsin Friday, making two stops in the battleground state.

President Barack Obama is accusing Mitt Romney of scaring "hard-working Americans just to scare up some votes." He's denouncing Romney's ads airing in Ohio on the auto industry bailout. The ads accuse Obama of taking GM and Chrysler into bankruptcy and selling Chrysler to an Italian company that's building Jeeps in China.

Early voting is already underway in Ohio. And with 18 electoral votes up for grabs, Romney also planned events there.

In Colorado, Paul Ryan took advantage of a new Rasmussen poll that shows Romney up three points. He then headed to Iowa where both teams are fighting hard for its six electoral votes.

President Obama will be with Bill Clinton and musician Dave Matthews Saturday night in Prince William County. Paul Ryan will be in Richmond. And Mitt Romney will cap off his 2012 campaign with a rally at George Mason University on Monday.

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