Dollars & Sense

My heart beat elevated. The new & faster pace was instantly noticeable.
Suddenly a bead of sweat formed on my forehead, I could feel my shirt collar tightening and eyes widening.
Oh, good God. Please don’t let them come after me.
I stared down at the letter…

…I had forgotten to pay my car bill.

While it’s been a while (creditors, back off!) I remember vividly. Those moments are enough to cause panic among almost any of us.

Imagine though, if that unpaid bill were for roughly $1 trillion and had to be in by midnight Friday or much of your world would screech to a halt.

That’s exactly what’s happening on Capitol Hill right now but I’d dare say few of the 535 members of its hallowed halls are even remotely feeling the same panic you or I might.

This group of leaders seems utterly incapable of passing a budget bill that will get us through the fiscal year. Instead, it has been one CR –continuing resolution- after another, essentially a financial bandage that wears thin every few months and must be replaced at the last moment.

This is no exception.

And while few fear a government shutdown will really occur, it does take a toll both on weary Americans…67% feel most members of Congress should be voted out: poll is here.

…and government workers who are left wondering if their office will be open Monday.

This is a letter sent from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius warning her staff there’s “no guarantee” a deal with be reached and some should prepare to “be furloughed and unable to work”.

So what’s the holdup this time?

Democrats don’t want to pass a spending bill until the GOP agrees to a payroll tax cut & unemployment benefits extension. Republicans passed a version of that bill but attached approval of the Keystone XL Oil Pipeline that Democrats hate.

Seem like bitter, partisan politics? Here’s what Speaker Boehner said.

So what about the deadline of midnight Friday?

With that said, no one wants to work through the holidays.
Congress, included.

My prediction: they’ll get the bills done. GOP will back off the pipeline, Dems will back off the taxes on millionaires and Americas will back anyone other than the current members of Congress.

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