Demonstrators protest health care law at DHHS

(Photo: Scott Thuman)

At the Health and Human Services headquarters Friday, passionate cries for an end to what's been dubbed “Obamacare.”

Demonstrators say the Catholic Church doesn’t believe in birth control pills, and to make them provide them to anybody that works for them is a crime.

And the prayers are not just here but in 100 cities across the country. And the movement is growing.

"By having people rallying together it helps the president it helps the government understand that they represent us, they represent and are supposed to protect us," says one protester.

Their biggest allies these days are on the campaign trail. Leading candidates trying to take president Obama's job say they'll also take down his signature law. Mitt Romney's appearance Friday was even labeled “the repeal and replace” event.

“This Obamacare crushes dreams and dreamers...and we gotta stop it!” Romney says.

Much easier said than done. Their best chance may be for the Supreme Court to overturn parts like an individual mandate, or perceived infringement on religious freedoms.

But the administration is putting up a vigorous defense. Vice President Joe Biden told elderly Floridians today that Republicans will only cut their benefits.

“Romney, Santorum and Gingrich - if any one of them can get their hands on the White House, I will promise you, you will see Medicare ended as we know it,” Biden says.