Democratic National Convention 2012: Scott Thuman in Charlotte

So it’s the first official day of the DNC (though don’t tell that to the throngs of roughly 40-thousand politicos, fanatics, vendors and journalists who’d already invaded this now, too cozy, city) and the strategy seems to be ‘stick with you brought you to the dance’.

That’s probably a wise one.

And it seems they’re sticking to it. What do I mean? Well, look at some of the speakers just in the 6-7pm hour of night number one.

Rep. Barbara Lee
Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy
Gov. Bev Perdue
Mary Kay Henry
Rep. Charles Gonzalez
Rep. Nydia Velazquez

Push further into the night and it’s:

Rep. Tammy Duckworth
Rep. Xavier Becerra
Kathleen Sebelius
Lilly Ledbetter
Julian Castro and of course…

Michelle Obama.

Lots of women. Lots of Hispanics.

Why? Because among other significant voting blocs, they brought Obama to the prom in ’08 and now that he’s the star quarterback (it’s up to you to decide if it’s been a winning or losing four seasons) he’s not bailing on those who not only bought the dress and rented the limo, but also made him the big man on campus.

Yes, they study the poll numbers and yes, they’re encouraged to know that these demographics still heavily favor Mr. Obama and could provide the razor thin edge which may decide this race.

That’s not to say he’s got extra breathing room or that he’s not worried. He is. Believe it or not, despite the onslaught of attack ads and campaign stops…there are still undecided voters—some indicate as many as 5%--and the unenthused. That may be his biggest pitfall. Unenthused are those waited hours in lines to attend rallies, stuck yard signs in their front lawns and who rushed to the polls in ’08 to make history with Obama. There has been for many, however, an increasingly souring taste of late over promises or perceived promises, not fulfilled.

They need to be re-energized and that’s not an easy task.

How to accomplish it? By touting accomplishments. Talk about the consecutive months of job growth, the rebounded stock market or the saving of the auto makers.

Don’t however keep talking about the mess inherited from the Bush administration. This is a broken record that, while the most ardent of Democrats consider bible’s verse, those on the fence find worthy of eye rolls. It reeks of negativity and backward thinking. It reminds people of bad…even if it’s not your bad. It’s a turn off of the greatest kind for voters sitting at home and wondering what to do November 6th.

So if the President wishes to return to that metaphorical prom, while choosing the playlist he needs to keep that old tune on the shelf with the rest of the 45’s.

And always remember, stick with who brought ya!