DAYBREAK DAILY: New Virginia book all about the plants

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TRENDING ON ABC7 FACEBOOK: A little girl's burning belief that children - like her - struggling with illness have the right to dream is touching many lives. The campaign she ignited will now allow the Make A Wish Foundation to help 36 more kids, thanks to Macy's. ABC7's Jay Korff reports on Gabriella Miller, 9, and how her dream raised more than $265,000 to help other kids.

HERE’S A NEW ONE: And it’s about time, per the Richmond Times-Dispatch, “A new book on plants, 11 years and $1.7 million in the making, just might leave you fawning over flora. The 1,554-page, 7-pound tome is the “Flora of Virginia,” the first authoritative guide to the state’s plants to sprout up since 1762. Flora, of course, means plants. But to plant people, “a flora” is a book that helps the reader identify and learn about plants.”

NEW KID ON THE CLIFF: But will the “adults” make nice?, per the New York Times, “With little more than a week for lawmakers to avert huge tax increases and spending cuts, attention is turning from the gridlocked House to the Senate, where some Republicans on Sunday endorsed President Obama’s call for a partial deal to insulate most Americans from the tax increases but defer a resolution on spending.”

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE GUNS: It’s about. . .other things, per the Washington Post, “In the days following the shooting deaths of 20 children in Newtown, Conn., some of the most ardent gun rights advocates called for a new conversation on how to address gun-related violence in the United States. But National Rifle Association officials and some leading Republicans signaled over the weekend that they would continue to resist any comprehensive change in gun laws, while calling for armed personnel to be placed in all schools and a discussion about violence in popular culture.”

LAST CALL FOR ALCOHOL: Well, not really, per the Los Angeles Times, “Starting Jan. 1, Marines at Camp Pendleton and other bases will be subject to random Breathalyzer tests twice a year under what is billed as the toughest anti-drinking policy in the U.S. military. An order issued by Lt. Gen. R.E. Milstead Jr., deputy commandant for manpower and reserve affairs, calls for any Marine or sailor with a blood-alcohol level of 0.01% or higher to be referred for counseling. Any Marine or sailor who tests at 0.04% or higher will be referred to medical personnel to determine his or her fitness for duty.”

POLITICO PLAY: “Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) issued a public apology after being arrested for drunken driving in Alexandria, Va., early Sunday morning. Jody Donaldson, a spokesperson for the Alexandria Police Department, said in an e-mail that Crapo was arrested at 12:45 a.m. Sunday. An Alexandria police officer noticed Crapo’s vehicle run through a red traffic light, and after the vehicle was stopped, the officer conducted field sobriety tests, which Crapo failed, Donaldson said. Crapo was arrested for driving under the influence, and taken into custody without incident, Donaldson said.”

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GO SEE THE NURSE: If there is one, per the Washington Examiner, “Less than half of the District's public charter schools employed a school nurse this year, leading to spotty tracking of students' allergies and inconsistent responses to injured students, school officials told The Washington Examiner. "To me, it's like a ticking time bomb," said Scott Pearson, executive director of the DC Public Charter School Board.”

STATEHOOD: Raise your hand if you’ve heard this one before, per DCist, “Sen. Joseph Lieberman (I-Conn.) may only be in office for another few weeks, but he (has) announced that he and three colleagues were introducing a bill that would allow D.C. residents to vote on statehood—the first such measure to be considered by the body since 1993.”

SO, SO ODD: Of Onion-esque news, per the Baltimore Sun, “From the folks who brought you the best celebrity mugshots now comes a case of extreme Baltimore flatulence. The Smoking Gun has posted the formal reprimand of a Social Security Administration worker who apparently stunk up his cubicle so often and so severely that his colleagues refused to work with him and management issued a sanction this month for “releasing the awful and unpleasant odor.”

SPORTS, BRIEFLY: Boz on the Redskins, “PHILADELPHIA — If the hair on the back of your football-loving neck is standing up, if you can’t wait for the Dallas flippin’ Cowboys to get to FedEx Field next Sunday for a winner-take-all game for the NFC East division title, then you’re far from alone. Every player in the amazed, delighted and semi-stunned locker room of the Washington Redskins is right there with you, their faces in wide grins after a sixth straight victory, 27-20, over the Philadelphia Eagles here on Sunday.”

PENDING: And still working, per the Washington Times, “At least three Prince George’s County sheriff’s deputies recently charged with offenses related to drunken driving are on the job, although their police powers have been suspended while their cases are investigated.”

THE STUFF OF MOVIES: Only it’s not fake, per ARLnow, “A crew of heavily armed men robbed the Navy Federal Credit Union at 875 N. Randolph Street in Ballston Saturday morning, in a heist reminiscent of a Hollywood movie. . . They shouted threats and forced the 13 customers in the business to lie on the ground. The men made off with several bags full of cash — an undisclosed but substantial sum of money — and were whisked from the scene of the crime by a getaway driver who was waiting outside”

--Skip Wood

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