Dave Wilson wins college board seat by telling voters he's black

Wilson implied to voters that he was black, and won the election by 26 votes. Photo: KHOU

(WJLA) - The general public has always been used to politicians stretching the truth for their own gain on occasion. In Texas, one man stretched to the extreme and got himself elected, perhaps under false pretenses.

In short, this candidate, a white man, duped voters into thinking he was black. And he won.

Dave Wilson decided to run for a spot on the Houston Community College System Board of Trustees because he was unhappy with the way things were being run, according to KHOU, so he decided to put up a challenge to the incumbent, Bruce Austin.

KHOU says that Wilson, who was looking to represent a heavily African-American district, sent mail and fliers to voters implying that he was black. The fliers were graced with the faces of black people who "endorsed" him.

Austin battled back, but ultimately lost by 26 votes.

"I don't think it's good for both democracy and the whole concept of fair play," Austin told KHOU.