Darrell Issa proposes D.C. exemption from federal shutdowns

In the new D.C. administration's first formal meeting with the new, G.O.P.-controlled House of Representatives, government reform chairman Darrell Issa proposed that D.C. be exempted from any future federal shutdowns.

The move would be contingent on the city guaranteeing that it can continue to operate all city services with its own funds.

The March impasse between Republicans and Democrats that threatened shutdown would also have required DC to shutdown many city services.

Issa's proposal is not yet in the form of legislation, but he said Congress could pass legislation each year giving the District the authority to detatch its local funds from shutdowns, with the understanding that the city would be reimbursed for lost federal funds once Congress' budget disputes were resolved.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray said he saw Issa's proposal as something positive and would like to see more of the details.