D.C. mayoral candidates Bowser and Gray take lead on eve of Democratic primary

(WJLA) - On the eve of the all-important D.C. Democratic primary, Mayor Vincent Gray greeted voters in Northeast Washington, asking for their support and expressing cautious optimism that despite a possible corruption trial facing him, he will prevail on Tuesday:

"I don't think this is any time for a change -- I don't think we need on-the-job training, I think we need to stay the course and continue the progress that is evident in this city."

His chief opponent, Muriel Bowser, who was ahead of him in the latest poll, came out to celebrate with dozens of rescue dog lovers for the 100th anniversary of the Washington Animal Rescue League. She expressed confidence:

"We have a big get-out-the-vote effort, the best in the field, and we're going to make sure everybody knows tomorrow is election day -- give people rides and get them out."

Polling third currently, and hoping that a lot of undecideds will fall his way, is D.C. Councilmember Tommy Wells. He insists that he has accepted no money from Jeffrey Thompson, who is now accusing the mayor of collusion in an illegal campaign.

Although Wells seemed to acknowledge that a victory may be a long shot, he remains hopeful:

"I feel like it's still possible. I know what the polls say, I know I'm up there in the top three. My numbers are coming up, we're excited, and there's really a possibility for me today."

Besides these top three candidates, are five others: Councilmember Jack Evans, restaurant owner Andy Shallal, Councilmember Vincent Orange, former federal appointee Reta Jo Lewis, and property manager Carlos Allen.

Amongst the voters we spoke to on Monday, it appeared to be a two-person race between Bowser and Gray. But with a significant number of undecided still, it’s still a close race.